The Start of the Nashville Music City Grand Prix’s Trans Am 2 Event – through the windshield of the “Big Machine Vodka – Camaro.”

Please join us as we ride along with my Endurance Racing co-driver and partner, Edward Sevadjian as he pilots the “Big Machine Vodka” Camaro through the open laps of the race.  42 cars entered with 38 taking the start.  Edward qualified and started 10th.

The course is very narrow with only 4 realistic passing zones.  The Bridge (once going over and once coming back), the back “Hotel” straight, and the front “Pit Straight.”  Edward ran as high as 6th. before an attempt at passing a backmarker knocked him back to 17th.  He then worked his way back up to and finished 11th.

When I ran the Sonoma event in #62 Nelson Racing Mustang, we recorded temperatures inside the race car at 124 degrees.  Thomas Merrill in one of the Cope Mustangs had temperature recording equipment on board and recorded “In Cockpit” temperatures of 154 degrees and the race was an hour and 15 minutes long.