I was sitting in a meeting with the crew when one of the guys brought up the subject of “which car should we take to Sonoma.  Mr. Feathers, Mecca or OSU.”  It was easily and quickly decided that Mecca would be the best.  So, one of the new guys asks the logical question – “Why do you name everything?”  A very valid question indeed – so please allow me to explain!  I’ll use – as an example the very simple request of taking one of our Leadfoot Racing Vintage Corvettes to the motor shop.

We have 3 “C-3” racing Corvettes, 3 trailers and 3 tow vehicles.  Additionally, we have 2 more race cars (a TransAm Camaro and a Vintage TransAm Mustang) at either the fabrication shop or out to be wrapped.  So – how do you readily identify which vehicle is where, which vehicle you’re talking about, which vehicle won this or which combination of vehicles goes where.  Simple, name them!  Not with numbers such as “Car 54 – where are you?” (I’m dating myself with that remark) but with normal everyday names.  

Before we put our naming system in place, a simple request went like this!

“Jerry, could you please take the Corvette and put it in the trailer and take it over to the motor shop!” 

Jerry’s Reply (Once again = Before naming the equipment)

“What do I pull it with?”  Me: “Take the GMC.”  Jerry: “Which GMC?  We have 2 of them!”  Me – “Uh?  The white one.”  Jerry:  “They’re both white?”  Me. “Uh? The one that Bobby smashed the fender on.”  Jerry: “Bobby smashed the fender on both of them!”  Me!  “Geez!  Take that one on the end.”  Jerry! “Which end, the far end or the near end?”  Me! “For crying out loud.  Take the one on the far end, the one on the near end needs an oil change.”  Jerry: “OK!  Which trailer?”   

Well, you get the idea.  Now the conversation goes “Jerry, take Mecca using Tuggy and Porkchop over to the motor shop.  And change the oil in G Man.”

And there you have it!  Another important bit of trivia to allow you to “Wow” your friends at “Racer’s Trivia Night.”