Initially the plan was for one of the Duntov transporters to return to the shop while the other took Susie’s Cobra, Colby’s big block Corvette and Tony’s 58 Corvette to Mid-Ohio. The Cobra made the trip to Indy, but Susie had scheduling conflicts and couldn’t make Indy. While at the brickyard, the crew discovered a problem with the Cobra cooling system that couldn’t be fixed before Mid-Ohio, so Susie took the weekend off.

The Duntov crew planned to work at Colby Hillman’s house in central Ohio getting “Mr. Feathers” ready to race. In the course of the pre-race inspection, it was determined that Colby was right in the first place – his engine had one more race left in it before Indy, and not two! Plan B was to prepare Colby’s small block “Ohio State” Corvette, but it hadn’t run for a year.

Colby was on the crew that built and raced the Ohio State car back in the seventies, and then he rediscovered it several years ago and had Duntov do the restoration. It ran last at the Wine Country Classic at Sonoma in 2016 where it broke an M21 transmission. This time, with a new transmission and some round the clock prep work, the Ohio State car made the race and finished third in A-Production in the Sunday feature race.

Tony skipped the practice session and still managed to qualify the 58 first in class and second overall in Group 4, and that’s where he finished in the Saturday feature race. Tony sat out the Sunday feature.

A Miata Heritage Cup race was held at Mid Ohio, and Tony had a rental Miata reserved for the weekend. He decided not to race the car, and driving duties fell to Edward who took the rent car to a 10th place finish in spite of zero practice time in this or any other Miata. Edward enjoyed the experience and later pitched the idea of Duntov getting its own Miata for next year.